At our production unit ÖrnalpUnozon we also manufacture a range of customer-specific products. The materials and techniques we have specialized in are used in many exciting applications, including in the marine sector; for customers like Macgregor Cranes and Dockstavarvet we have, for example, manufactured the cabins to large ship cranes and components for Stridbåt 90. We have also manufactured many details on subcontract for BAE Systems. A bestseller for many years is our inspection hatch in stainless steel which can be delivered customized or in any of our standard sizes. See the attached brochure.

Please contact us if you have questions on manufacturing or cutting of specific details in any of the materials we specialize in.

Download our brochure about the inspection hatch.
ÖrnalpUnozon have manufactured wheelhouses, masts and tanks to us based on our drawings. It has always worked very well and they have understood how we want it. From them, you always get things ready to use immediately.
Håkan Wedin, project manager, Dockstavarvet