ViFlow is one of Northern Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and other process equipment designed for high pressures and demanding applications.

ViFlow combines the advantages of a small company´s proximity to customers, quick response and quick decision-making with a big company’s broad technical expertise, product range and considerable production resources. This makes ViFlow a professional counterpart also in larger projects.

At our own manufacturing unit, ÖrnalpUnozon, we have long experience and great knowledge of the design and manufacturing of customized products in technologically advanced materials such as titanium, stainless steel and acid-proof steel. This, in combination with both standardized and specialized heat exchangers from our partner companies – German companies FUNKE and GESMEX and British HRS Heat Exchangers – allows us to meet most needs in sectors such as pulp and paper industry, energy, nuclear power plants, oil- and gas sector and the chemical industry.

The Finnish market is handled by our Finnish sales company ViFlow Finland.


10 Nov2016

New certificate

We can now proudly say that we have been approved with the EN 1090 certificate!Örnalp-Unozon.pdf

24 Okt2016

Inspectas annual exhibition

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