The energy issue – a challenge

One of the major challenges for both the present and the future is the energy issue. There is a great need to be able to use the existing energy as efficiently as possible, especially in industry, but also in society in general.

Heat recovery with heat exchangers

Transferring and recovering energy from one medium to another as efficiently as possible reduces environmental impact and increases the utilization rate of the available energy. ViFlow´s heat exchangers allows for the recovery of heat from, for example, waste water.

Products and Applications

ViFlow´s products in the energy sector consist mainly of heat exchangers but also of pressure vessels. We also offer installation of piping systems, specializing in high pressure steam pipes. These products are used in the following applications:

  • Turbine condensers
  • Direct condensers
  • Heat exchangers for boiler and heating water
  • Oil preheaters
  • Oil coolers

ViFlow´s clients in the energy sector are for example nuclear power plants, energy producing companies, paper mills  and suppliers of complete power plants as well as other businesses that want to recover heat and energy of various kinds.

ÖrnalpUnozon are very skilled and know a lot about titanium alloys. We engage them frequently at major stops, and we have good experience of cooperation.
Gunnar Rönning, maintenance engineer, Korsnäs