ViFlow´s history stretches back to 1939 when Unozon was founded in Örnsköldsvik. Örnalp was founded in 1993 and expanded in 1999 with overtaking Permascands titanium business. Together we have over 110 years of experience in developing and producing advanced industrial equipment.

ViFlow specialize in tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment to industries in sectors such as defence, offshore, paper & pulp, chemistry, energy and nuclear power. We work in technologically advanced materials like titanium alloys, SMO, various types of stainless steel and carbon steel. Our employees have outstanding expertise and long experience in welding and plate work involving a range of metals. Whether you’re looking for a custom made heat transfer solution or a more standard product, we can help you find what you need. At our design- and engineering department we work out the optimal solution for different production processes. As an addition to our self-manufactured products, we are exclusive distributors of heat exchangers from Funke and complementary niche products from Gesmex and HRS. Design, manufacture and installation of piping systems are also part of our business. All this makes us a professional partner in all projects.


ViFlow´s vision is to become one of Northern Europe’s leading partners to the industry in terms of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment with peripheral services. ViFlow shall be a knowledge-intensive, progressive company with the highest level of service to customers.

Business concept

ViFlow aim to meet industry´s need for appropriate solutions in the area of heat transfer, pressure vessels and process equipment, with the purpose to optimize the customer´s production processes. Thanks to our high level of technological expertise, ViFlow not only provide customers with production, but also with design, engineering and application knowledge in order to supply them with the best solution, thus enabling our customers to focus on their core business.



Turnover: approximately 100 million

Number of employees: approximately 50

Where we are

Sweden: Örnsköldsvik, Stockholm
Finland: Helsinki

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