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Tube heat exchangers for high pressure
The manufacturing unit at ÖrnalpUnozon are specialists in designing, constructing and manufacturing tube heat exchangers. This type of heat exchangers can withstand extremely high pressure and high temperatures and therefore have many uses. Our specialty is to manufacture tube heat exchangers with dual supplies, such as titanium on the tube side and carbon on the shell side, which are joined together by so-called explosion welding. The thermal calculations required for designing the most advantageous tube heat exchanger for each installation are performed by our heating engineers in HTFS software.

In order to be able to perform this, a number of parameters are required;

  • Temperature program
  • High/low pressure limits
  • Fluid flow capacity
  • Media
  • Size: any restrictions on the length and height (please use the form to the left for faster feedback and suggestions from us) 

ÖrnalpUnozon design shell and tube heat exchangers according to the European standard EN 13445 (PED), the American ASME VIII, the British BS5500 and the German AD-Merkblatt and work in materials like titanium, aluminum, acid proof steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, SM0254, duplex, super duplex and Tantalum.

Partner products

Plate Heat Exchanger – Funke

ViFlow is a reseller of Funke’s heat exchangers in Scandinavia. Funke has a wide range of heat exchangers of high quality. Funke was founded in 1974 and focuses on the design and manufacture of plate and tube heat exchangers for virtually all industrial applications. Design and calculations are strictly tailored according to customer specific requirements and includes the process of adaptation, thermal design, calculation, stress analysis and vibration analysis.

 Please visit Funke’s website.

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Plate and shell heat exchangers – Gesmex

ViFlow is reseller of GESMEX heat exchangers in Scandinavia. GESMEX design and manufacture compact heat exchangers of laser-welded plate and shell for industrial applications. The company continuously invests in product development and the latest technology in order to be able to offer high efficiency heat exchangers for a long-term security in their customers’ enterprises.

 Please visit Gesmex’s website.

 Download Gesmex´s product brochure.


Heat exchangers – HRS

ViFlow is reseller of HRS heat exchangers in Scandinavia. HRS are global specialists in heat transfers and have long experience in the design and manufacturing of heat exchangers and other components for process plants in environmental- and food industries.

 Please visit HRS´s website.

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