An energy intensive manufacturing process

To manufacture paper requires large amounts of energy. A reduced energy consumption leads to significant cost savings and a better environmental profile.

Reduced costs and a cleaner environment

For a long time ViFlow have supplied heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment to companies that produce paper and pulp. ViFlow´s products help customers to:

  • Increase the energy recovery
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce the cost of water treatment
  • Reduce the cost of chemicals
  • Reduce maintenance

ViFlow offer the following products, among others, for customers in the paper & pulp industry:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Tanks and cisterns
  • Screw conveyors

ViFlow collaborate with a number of major companies in the paper and pulp industry – companies with high demands on quality and professional deliveries.

I have personal experience of ÖrnalpUnozon since 20 years. They act as a subcontractor for us in terms of certain machines and assembly services. ÖrnalpUnozon are skilled at crafting, you know that it is accurate and delivered on time. They simply do an excellent job.
Ulf Sjöström, Sr Sales Mgr, Metso Paper, Sundsvall