8 Maj2017

Cistern for biofuels.

In Uppsala the big stuff happens. The guys are in full hurry to build a cistern for biofuels. To see a more sense of reality about how big it is, please watch our Youtube channel

11 Apr2017

We have now started a YouTube channel.

We have now started a YouTube channel.
There we will collect seminars and other small movies from our company.

15 Mar2017

One-year project Part 3

The BIG project is moving Forward.

But there is still much to do  before the towers will  be assembled.

No machine can replace our workers at the company.


The big one is 5 meters wide and the ”small” ones 3 meter

15 Mar2017

One-year project Part 2

The project is in full production to Valmet.
Final destination Östrand.

To build and construct tower this big in 100% titanium is not something everyone is capable of doing.
One is 50 meters high and 5 meters wide.

We are proud to offer a product on the market,which has received a great demand Worldwide.


10 Nov2016

New certificate

We can now proudly say that we have been approved with the EN 1090 certificate!


24 Okt2016

Inspectas annual exhibition

See you on Thursday