Our goal is to provide our customers with products and services with a quality that exceeds their expectations and at the same time reduces their total costs.

Key sentences 

  • Everyone at the company shall always focus on doing things right from the start.
  • In order to give the customer the right quality the internal quality must be right.
  • We shall always deliver products / services / service of high class, regardless of whether it is an internal or an external customer.


In order to maintain / ensure the external and internal quality, we shall:

  • Ensure that only the correct products come into the enterprise.
  • Catch internal abnormalities to prevent a recurrence.
  • In case of a complaint, we shall follow up and find the cause in order to prevent a recurrence.
  • With the help of deviations and complaints be able to correct, remediate, a wrongful approach.
  • Continuously survey and report the level of quality.